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How to Pretreat Dark T-Shirts for DTG

APPLICATION AND INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE MANUFACTURER, IMAGE ARMOR BEFORE USE You DO NOT need to mix down Image Armor. It is ready to use (RTU) right out of the container. Always SHAKE the container before using or pouring into your pretreatment machine container It is advisable to use a seperate sprayer for each pretreatment to…

AnaRIP Preferences

AnaRIP Basics for RICOH Ri1000 – Part 1

One of the most challenging aspects of buying a new machine, is learning a new software. Often learning a new software interface is like learning a new language. It takes practice and repetition to shorten the learning curve so you can truly understand how to get the most out of a new language or in…

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DTG Print Pricing Guide

One of the first business decisions new buyers of DTG equipment will need to tackle is ‘How should I set prices for my custom printed t-shirts.’  For many years before DTG came on the scene, pricing guides were based on the production method, screen-printing.  Due to the labor intensive set-up process of screen-printing a single…

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How to Choose the Best T-Shirts for DTG

Here at DTG connection we are constantly asked not only where to get shirts, but which are the best t-shirt DTG.  The “best t-shirt for DTG” question is one of those topics where you can ask 10 people and you might just get 10 different answers.  Some might be interested in the lowest cost, while others…

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DTG Connection Launch Press Release – August 3, 2020

DTG Connection, LLC. Is a California based corporation started by the former CEO, Vice President of North American Sales and Marketing Director of AnaJet, Inc. and Ricoh DTG. Through strategic business relationships, the DTG Connection team will be an authorized reseller of the award-winning RICOH Ri 1000 as well as other exciting new products and services to be announced in early 2021 to provide a total business solution to customers.