How to Connect RICOH Ri 1000 to Ethernet

Instructions for How to Set Up AnaRIP to Print Directly to Your Ri 1000 with Ethernet Cable

The RICOH Ri 1000 provides 2 ways to send graphics from AnaRIP to your printer.  The easiest to set up is printing the file to a flash drive and then manually walking this flash drive over to the printer and plugging it in.  Then you have to look for the image in the folders of the flash drive.  This method is very simple to get going, but a little clumsy with each print and in some cases the print files can become corrupted due to improper ejecting of the flash drive.

The other method is running an ethernet cable directly from your computer to the back of the printer.  This option is a little more clumsy to set up but once it’s set up, you simply hit print in AnaRIP and the file pops up on the printer ready to go!

Below are the simple steps to set this method up.  Follow the instructions closely and you’ll be up and running in just a few minutes!

Total Time Needed: 10 minutes

Required Tools:

- PC with AnaRIP Installed
- Ri 1000 DTG Printer

Things Needed?

- Ethernet Cable

Step 1 : Connecting Ethernet
Connect the ethernet cable directly into computer and back of printer as shown. For best results, only use a direct connection without a router or switch between the computer and the printer.
Open the Command Prompt application on your Windows computer. You can usually find this by using the application search function and searching for “CMD.”
Type “ipconfig” and hit enter. This will bring up a report like the one shown here. You will need to make note of the following two numbers (highlighted in yellow): Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address Subnet Mask
On the printer, go to Settings Tab (Gear Icon) –> Options –> IP Address Then enter the IP Address and Subnet Mask numbers you just found on your computer. You will have to enter each 3 digit number individually. Leave the Gateway blank or zeros. Press the Change button
IMG_1570 2
Return to computer and launch AnaRIP. You should restart if it was already open. In the menu, go to View –> Manage Printers… Click the “Refresh” button at the top left. Once complete, you should see a new printer named “Ri 1000.” You’ll also notice a printer named “Ri 1000 File” as well as a few others potentially for older models of printers. You can deselect the older printers if they are not applicable to you but keep “Ri 1000 File.” You’ll use Ri 1000 to print directly to the printer and Ri 1000 File to print to a file on your desktop or flash drive. If you have multiple printers you will see them here. You can identify them by their IP address. You can also de-select the printers that are not needed. Click OK and you should be all set to print files directly to your printer!
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