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SK Pretreatment

SK Pretreat: $44.99
Premium DTG Pretreatment at an Industry Low Price

Available in Light and Dark Cotton Formulas

Works with ALL Direct-to-Garment Printers

Introducing SK Direct-to-Garment Pretreatment Liquid Printers

DTG Connection is proud to introduce SK Direct-to-Garment Pretreatment Liquid to the USA market.  This new DTG pretreat has been a best seller in Asia Pacific markets produced by one of the most experienced chemical producers in the garment and textile industries. It delivers beautiful images on dark garments.  The fluid is easy to apply, dries soft to the touch and can be cured with either tunnel dryer or heat press without staining. Designed to work with all DTG printers.

Brighter & More Solid Whites

Our formula delivers beautiful bright whites with consistent opacity. Up to 35% brighter than other brands.

Amazingly Soft Hand (Feel)

SK Pretreat Liquid has been engineered to balance minimizing fibrillation for the perfect print while still retaining the garment's original hand feel!

No Visible Staining

Pretreat with confidence with SK Pretreat! No more worries of pretreat staining your garments leaving an ugly discolored box around your graphic.

Increased Profits

You don't need to pay a premium price for quality pretreat. SK Pretreat is the lowest priced DTG pretreat in the market today!


Easy to Apply

SK Pretreat is resistant to settling, so there is no need for agitation. SK Pretreatment is always ready to lock and load anytime.  You also don’t need expensive equipment to apply.  Pretreat can be applied with a simple spray bottle, a Wagner paint sprayer or a dedicated pretreatment machine.

Flexible Curing Options

SK Pretreat can be cured with a heat press, forced air conveyer dryer, hand dryer or air dried. As long as it is dry to touch with no moisture, it is just ready to go.

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Durable Washability

Once the garment is pretreated with SK pretreat, printed and cured, colors are locked into the fibers resulting in long lasting, vibrant prints.

Safe to Use

Feel safe from harmful chemicals such as Biocide, Phthalate, Lead, and etc. It also has very low oder and  acidic smells.

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