Reliable and User-Friendly:

The New X2 DTG/DTF Printer is a Game-Changer!

From the start, the DTG Connection team has been focused on offering best-in-class garment printing technologies. The two key factors we are always looking for in a great printer is reliability and it must be easy to operate and maintain.

That’s why we are so excited to launch the X2! Our engineers have painstakingly analyzed previous DTG models across the industry to streamline the printing process and upgrade many components to reduce the chance of downtime — making the X2 the most reliable, easy-to-use printer on the market. 

Onboard Wi-Fi Connectivity

Streamline your printing process with effortless setup and simple wireless image transfer to your printer. Enjoy a hassle-free printing experience with the convenience of wireless technology.

Huge 7-Inch Touch Panel

Re-designed user-friendly interface, upgraded quad-core processor, and increased internal memory for a streamlined and enhanced printing experience.

Easy Switch From DTG to DTF

Simply click a button in our TurboRIP software to effortlessly flip between DTG and DTF applications.​

Maintenance is Easier Than Ever

Maximize your printing efficiency with the X2. Stay walk-up ready and print more with less downtime and easier maintenance than ever before.


Tell us a little about how you plan to use the X2 DTG printer as well as any questions you have.


Fill out this form today and we will send you product information and a FREE SAMPLE T-SHIRT printed on DTG-C X2 DTG printer. Or if you are in the Southern California area we’d love to show you the printer in person!


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