How to update the firmware on the Model X and X2

Step by Step: Install the latest firmware for your Model X and X2 DTG printers

From time to time we will release a new version of the firmware on your Model X or X2 printer.  These updates will include enhancements and fixes to keep your printer running its best.  Whether you have a Model X or an X2 printer, the process is mostly the same.  Just follow along in the video and instructions below and we’ll show you how to get there.

Steps to update your firmware

Step 1 : Download the latest firmware
You can find the updates in the support tab under downloads. Once that's downloaded we'll head on to the next step.
Downloads Page
Step 2 : Extract the file
Now that we have that downloaded we're going to right click and hit extract. You can choose to hit extract here or extract file. Once it's finished you'll get a folder with your contents. Go ahead and open that updater.exe.
Step 3 : Identify and copy printer's IP address
For our next step we're going to need to grab the printer's IP address. From the home screen of the printer's control panel, navigate to the settings menu. Next we're going to click the IP address button. On this screen, you will see the printer's IP address. It will look something like Find your IP address and write it down.
Printer IP Address
Step 4 : Enter the printer's IP address and update
Type the printer's IP address into the firmware installer window on your computer. Click the check mark and then click the "Update" button on the next window next to the line labeled panel. It should be the first of 3 lines.
Firmware install
Step 5 : Follow prompts on the printer
Once you've clicked "Update," return to your printer's control panel. You are going to see a series of options and different selections. The one we're to click ok to acknowledge we are overwriting the existing firmware.
On the next screen we're going to click install. This will begin the install process which may take a little while to complete.
When it's finished you're going to click OPEN. DO NOT click DONE.
At this point, your firmware should be updated and ready to return to printing. In some cases you may need to install the Sub Control and Engine software. If not, you are done! If you do, proceed to step 6.
Install Panel
Step 6 : Install Sub Control and Engine if needed
In some cases you may also need to update the Sub Control and Engine software. If this is necessary, click the "Update" button next each and let the software go through the install sequence. Perform these tasks one at a time allowing one to finish installing before moving to the next. You will not need to return to the printer for any prompts on these. The computer will handle all the tasks for you.

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