SK Pretreat Instructions

Any time white ink is used in the direct-to-garment printing process, it is critical to properly apply a quality pretreatment prior to printing.  Proper application of this pretreatment is critical to obtaining bright, opaque whites and a washable garment.  Improper application may result in inconsistent white opaqueness, dull colors or cracking and pealing ink after…

Custom Denim with DTG

How to Print Custom Denim Garments With DTG

Printing on denim can get those creative juices flowing for most print shops.  Here at DTG Connection we have seen customers print on Denim Jackets, Jeans and even Skirts.  Style, position and graphic design has varied dramatically.  In all cases though, these prints become a statement for the customers that wear them.  Below, I will highlight some examples of these prints and share with you best print settings to get the job done.